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Android VS iOS

iOS from Apple and Android from Google are two major operating systems that are mainly used today. These are the primary operating systems that are mostly used in mobile technology like tablets and smartphones. Android is the operating system that is Linux-based and it is partly open source. Compared to iOS, Android is more PC-like mainly in terms of basic features and interface. These features in Android are mostly highly customizable especially from top to bottom. But users should also note that uniform design elements resent in iOS are more user-friendly.

The most important thing that users should remember is they should be clear when they are choosing their smartphone as well as tablet. This is because it can be challenging to switch from iOS to Android or even from Android to iOS. If you do so, you may need to buy apps that are required by the operating system you newly choose. So, you will have to buy apps either from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Android is considered to be the most commonly used operating system in smartphones today. Android is in use by all major phone manufacturers. But iOS is used by only Apple devices like the iPhone.

Let’s understand the features of these two operating systems.

Source model

Android is open source. But iOS is closed. But iOS comes with few open source components.


Android belongs to the Linux family and iOS belongs to OS X, Unix family.


If we consider Android, it is highly customizable. It is possible to change almost any part of Android. But when it comes to iOS it offers very limited customization and that can be done only through jailbreaks.


Android offers a lot except lock-screen. But in iOS, you can expect any but only in notification center.


Android is available in over 100 languages and iOS is offered only in 34 languages.

File transfer

Compared to iOS, file transfer is very easy in Android. There are two ways through which you can perform the file transfer. One is through USB port and other using desktop app. Without using any apps, you can perform photo transfers through USB in Android. But in iOS file transfer can be challenging. Only media files are transferred by using iTunes which is a desktop app. But even in iOS, transform of photos can be done through USB without using apps.


Today Android is available in most of the popular tablets and phones. All major phone manufacturers like Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, Honor, Vivo, and even Xiaomi are using android. If you are looking for pure Android devices then you should choose Android One. One more choice is Pixel line which is made by Google and it uses purest form of android. Whereas, iOS is in use only on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

Messages and calls

In Android, you can make use of Google messages. Along with this, there are many third-party apps you can use such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Google Duo, and even Skype. This is true for iOS as well and you can make use of all these apps in iOS as well. FaceTime, iMessage is the messengers given by iOS.


Android offers Google Chrome and iOS offers Safari. These are two major browsers which are used respectively. But both these operating systems also allow many other browsers. But the only difference is in Android you can set any browser as default whereas in iOS you cannot do this. This is ideal if you are looking to browse content privately such as adult dating sites for adult forums like tnaboard.

App Store

The App store offered by Google is the Google Play Store. Apple offers Apple App Store. Both these app stores provide 1,000,000+ apps. But there are many other app stores like Amazon which also offer Android apps. The most important thing is there cannot be an Apple app which contains virus. This is impossible. But there is chance that an Android app comes with viruses even though it is very rare.

Final thoughts

Along with the above, there are many features where you can find differences between android and iOS. For example if we consider video chat android offers Google Duo and along with that it allows all the third-party apps as well. iOS offers FaceTime and even iOS allows all third-party apps for video chats.

When it comes to voice commands, Android makes use of Google assistant and iOS Siri. Even though iOS is present only in devices that are made by Apple, there is a huge percent of smartphone lovers who prefer Android. If you consider the working state of these two operating systems, they both are working currently.

If you consider other general features like Maps, Android comes with Google maps and iOS offers Apple maps. But even in iOS devices you can make use of Google maps through downloading the app. A most important difference that you should note here is Android allows many app stores along with the official one that is Google Play store. But iOS blocks all the third-party app stores and it allows only the official that is the Apple App Store. In case if you really want to use other app stores, then your phone should be jailbroken.

Linux Operating Systems

Understanding The Linux OS

Linux comes under community of open-source operating systems. All the operating systems in this category are based on the Linux Kernel. In 1991 September, Linus Torvalds released Linux and it is completely free and open-sources as well. Hence the source code of this operating system can be distributed and modified by anyone non-commercially as well as commercially. But, this happens under GNU or General Public License.

When designed it was targeted just for personal computers. But, gradually users started utilizing it in all other types of machines such as mainframe computers, servers, and supercomputers. Today Linux is utilized even in embedded systems. It is best choice for routers, automation controls, televisions, digital video recorders, smart-watches, and for in-game controls.

Linux Android has gained the highest success and this is based on the Linux Kernel. Today this operating system is running on most of the tablets and smartphones. Linux Android has a huge installed base and it is popular as a general-purpose operating system. Linux usually comes in Linux distribution.

Linux Distribution

This can be understood as a huge collection of software and they all are based on the Linux Kernel. So, Linux distribution can be considered as many supporting software and libraries along with Linux kernel. By downloading any one Linux distributions, users can get Linux based operating system. But this should be separately downloaded for personal computers and embedded devices. There are over 600 Linux Distributions currently available. Deepin, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Solus, Debian, Ubuntu, Elementary, Linux Mint, Manjaro, and MX Linux are some of the Linux distributions.

Linux Architecture

There are many components in Linux architecture.


This is the core of Linux and it is very helpful in virtualizing hardware resources. It can offer virtual resources for every process and it creates an environment where it feels like a single process is running at a time. Kernel plays a major role in ruling out conflicts and mitigations among processes. Micro Kernels, Exo Kernels, Hybrid Kernels, and Monolithic Kernel are some of the kernels available.

System Library

It is nothing but a set of special functions. These are used when implementing the functionalities of Linux operating system.


Linux has shell as an interface. This is used for hiding the complexities related to the functions of the kernel from users. Shell receives commands from a user and it executes respective kernel function.

Hardware Layer

RAM, HDD, CPU are the peripheral devices and they are present in the hardware layer.

System Utility

This component is devices to present the operating system’s functionalities to the user.

Advantages of Linux

  • Linux is one of the open-source operating system and hence source code is available easily to the users
  • Linux is comparatively secured than any other operating system
  • Updates are frequent and easy
  • Based on needs and requirements, users can choose Linux distributions and utilize them
  • Linux is freely available and anyone can download it
  • Community support is best with Linux. When it comes to stability, Linux is the right choice. There is no need to worry about rebooting it often

Apart from this, when you use Linux, it is easy to maintain privacy. Linux is network friendly and it is compatible with plenty of file formats.

Operating Systems

The Most Popular Operating Systems

An operating system is a collection of programs in the system which controls the operations and coordinates with the computer system. The language used by the computer is not understandable by a layman. The operating system helps the user to communicate with the system in its style and carry out the operations.

It is an essential part of the software. In other words, we can say that the operating system in mind and emotions of the computer. It helps in the collaboration and working of the computer smoothly. It works as a link between the user and the computer.

An operating system can be divided into two parts, which are the smaller and more substantial parts. The smaller part of the operating system is known as ‘resident part’ as the memory of the computer resides here. The larger part of the computer is the secondary storage part, which stores data, and it swaps as per the need of the user.

Operating systems helps the computer to work in an efficient, faster, and economical way while it stores loads of data and also manages the storage of files and data. With the advancement in technology, many new operating systems are made which provide different functionalities; few of which are discussed below.

Top 3 operating systems around the world

  • Android- It is an operating system primarily made for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets, which was developed by Google. The latest version, Android 10, was released recently in September 2019, promising faster and more efficient performance.
  • Windows– It was developed by the Microsoft Corporation, which featured the first graphical user interface (GUI). The latest version of windows is Microsoft Windows 10, which recently unveiled better performance and innovations.
  • iOS– It is an operating system for mobiles which was developed and created by the Apple inc. Exclusively for its hardware. This operating system powers not only in mobile phones but also in iPods, iPhones, and other touchscreen devices.

Reasons for being top operating systems

  • Android– It is an operating system primarily made for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets, which was developed by Google. The latest version, Android 10, was released recently in September 2019, promising faster and more efficient performance.
  • Windows– It was developed by the Microsoft Corporation, which featured the first graphical user interface (GUI). The latest version of windows is Microsoft Windows 10, which recently unveiled better performance and innovations.
  • iOS– It is an operating system for mobiles which was developed and created by the Apple inc. Exclusively for its hardware. This operating system powers not only in mobile phones but also in iPods, iPhones, and other touchscreen devices.

Final Thoughts

Operating systems are the most crucial part of any device. It makes the device faster, efficient, and secured. It is the part of the software on which the computer runs primarily. Choosing the right type of operating system depends upon the needs of the user, and one wants the operating system which fits right for the user. If you or your business is interested in an operating systems audit contact me to receive further details about the packages and services offered.

Operating Systems

Windows 10 vs macOS Sierra

Windows 10 is presently the most popular operating on desktop with over 800 million users. It is rivaled by macOS which lags behind in terms of market share. However, being popular doesn’t necessarily imply that you are the best. It is the features and performance that sets the best from the rest.

Previously known as mac OS X it has been in existence since 2001 and the parent company Apple issues minor updates and more significantly the changes come once every year. The operating system has evolved over time with a variety of improved versions like Mojave and Catalina. Windows 10 made its entry into the market in 2015 as a product of Microsoft and since then Microsoft has released several updates to the operating system. Below is a comparison of the two operating system.

Set up experience

Both operating systems offer clear and polished setup processes which you can use without signing in to any account in Apple or Microsoft. However, it is recommended to sign in into the accounts as you will be able to get a much richer experience. In case you don’t sign in during the setup process you will also miss out on the syncing machines, app roaming, messaging, voice assistant and a whole lot more of other goodies.

Microsoft allows you to install the OS with your voice using Cortana while Apple installs updates through the system preference instead of using Mac App store. Both of the operating systems recognize and install drivers automatically for standard hardware peripherals such as keyboards, mouse and storage.

Logging In and Getting Started

Both systems offer login options that go way beyond the traditional act of simply signing into your desktop account. Incase you have a Macbook Pro with a touch bar then you can easily sign into your Mac using your finger. You can also login with your Apple watch or iPhone in case they are close enough to the computer.

Windows on the other hand offers login options with several biometric options. Face login is the coolest and is available in higher-end PCs including surface device. Windows also supports fingerprint readers which is available on laptops. Once you have booted with the operating system windows has the start button and menu access which you can use to access most of the used apps, documents and settings. There is nothing similar to the macOS however you can pin the most frequently used apps to your dock, head to the applications folder or setup your desktop with icons of the most used files and programs.

Hardware choices

Apple offers a wide variety of hardware options however the selection is dwarfed by the massive availability of the diverse array of Windows PCs without mentioning the nontraditional options like VR headsets, Hololens and Raspberry Pi. There is an over whelming number of Windows 10 peripherals available in the market. When it comes to the internal components like the CPU, storage and graphics card then windows 10 gives you a leeway to configure systems with the components that you desire making it more flexible to upgrade later.


Both types of operating systems offer a wealth of built in utilities and apps. From the Apps you are able to get a decent mail, calendars, clients, calculators, photos and video viewers, voice recorders, web browsers and contacts among many more.

Microsoft adds sticky notes, skype, translator as well as Xbox gaming into its features. Mac OS on the other hand adds superior video editor, preview utility and streaming music service and it also adds an awesome garage Band music composition app and a full productivity suite. On both systems you can use popular adult dating, hookup, and fuck buddy apps.

Third-Party Software Compatibility

Both platforms have encountered a hard time trying to develop rich ecosystems of software services. Windows 10 is very suitable for business applications while macOS is prevalent for creative fields. You will find plenty of general business software both for macOS and windows 10 which will actually boast the options in creative areas such as video editing and phot software.

Most of the operating systems offer app stores that are able to manage installation and update and sadly the developers haven’t been able to get attention to the desktop stores when compared to their counterparts.

Interface customization

The fresh new look of Windows 10 offers dynamic redesign that has breathed new life into the operating system. Apple has kept macOS Sierra which is visually very similar the OS X EI Capitan with the notable interface change Apple added this year. Windows 10 provides built-in tablet mode as well as anniversary update that has cleaned up the start menus so as to focus on the Apps. When Microsoft designed this version of windows it made it possible to be used in different devices and gain unique interactions.


MacOS and Windows 10 offer virtual desktops however Microsoft offers much more than that. Just recently Apple added two-apps at once to its split-view desktop operating system in EL Capitan. On the other hand, Microsoft operating system allows you to snap four different windows into one grid which is great when you have a large display.

Siri vs Cortana

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Modern day computing has seen manual type and search tools being a thing of the past as voice activated assistants are gaining popularity on a daily basis. Microsoft added Cortana onto its original Windows 10 release with Mac introducing Siri which was only available to iOS into the operating system. As much as Siri can manage and send files Cortana has the ability to send notifications. In addition, both Siri and Cortana offer dashboards for their assistants where you are able to see the results. Cortana and Siri can help manage files and send notifications since both can handle contextual follow up questions.

Lastly, during the release of Windows 10 Microsoft made the operating system free to all users during the first year. Windows 10 was the resulting upgrades from windows 7 to windows 8 then windows 10. MacOS on the other hand is provided free of charge to all mac users with regular updates to its features.