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Android VS iOS

iOS from Apple and Android from Google are two major operating systems that are mainly used today. These are the primary operating systems that are mostly used in mobile technology like tablets and smartphones. Android is the operating system that is Linux-based and it is partly open source. Compared to iOS, Android is more PC-like mainly in terms of basic features and interface. These features in Android are mostly highly customizable especially from top to bottom. But users should also note that uniform design elements resent in iOS are more user-friendly.

The most important thing that users should remember is they should be clear when they are choosing their smartphone as well as tablet. This is because it can be challenging to switch from iOS to Android or even from Android to iOS. If you do so, you may need to buy apps that are required by the operating system you newly choose. So, you will have to buy apps either from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Android is considered to be the most commonly used operating system in smartphones today. Android is in use by all major phone manufacturers. But iOS is used by only Apple devices like the iPhone.

Let’s understand the features of these two operating systems.

Source model

Android is open source. But iOS is closed. But iOS comes with few open source components.


Android belongs to the Linux family and iOS belongs to OS X, Unix family.


If we consider Android, it is highly customizable. It is possible to change almost any part of Android. But when it comes to iOS it offers very limited customization and that can be done only through jailbreaks.


Android offers a lot except lock-screen. But in iOS, you can expect any but only in notification center.


Android is available in over 100 languages and iOS is offered only in 34 languages.

File transfer

Compared to iOS, file transfer is very easy in Android. There are two ways through which you can perform the file transfer. One is through USB port and other using desktop app. Without using any apps, you can perform photo transfers through USB in Android. But in iOS file transfer can be challenging. Only media files are transferred by using iTunes which is a desktop app. But even in iOS, transform of photos can be done through USB without using apps.


Today Android is available in most of the popular tablets and phones. All major phone manufacturers like Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, Honor, Vivo, and even Xiaomi are using android. If you are looking for pure Android devices then you should choose Android One. One more choice is Pixel line which is made by Google and it uses purest form of android. Whereas, iOS is in use only on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV.

Messages and calls

In Android, you can make use of Google messages. Along with this, there are many third-party apps you can use such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Google Duo, and even Skype. This is true for iOS as well and you can make use of all these apps in iOS as well. FaceTime, iMessage is the messengers given by iOS.


Android offers Google Chrome and iOS offers Safari. These are two major browsers which are used respectively. But both these operating systems also allow many other browsers. But the only difference is in Android you can set any browser as default whereas in iOS you cannot do this. This is ideal if you are looking to browse content privately such as adult dating sites for adult forums like tnaboard.

App Store

The App store offered by Google is the Google Play Store. Apple offers Apple App Store. Both these app stores provide 1,000,000+ apps. But there are many other app stores like Amazon which also offer Android apps. The most important thing is there cannot be an Apple app which contains virus. This is impossible. But there is chance that an Android app comes with viruses even though it is very rare.

Final thoughts

Along with the above, there are many features where you can find differences between android and iOS. For example if we consider video chat android offers Google Duo and along with that it allows all the third-party apps as well. iOS offers FaceTime and even iOS allows all third-party apps for video chats.

When it comes to voice commands, Android makes use of Google assistant and iOS Siri. Even though iOS is present only in devices that are made by Apple, there is a huge percent of smartphone lovers who prefer Android. If you consider the working state of these two operating systems, they both are working currently.

If you consider other general features like Maps, Android comes with Google maps and iOS offers Apple maps. But even in iOS devices you can make use of Google maps through downloading the app. A most important difference that you should note here is Android allows many app stores along with the official one that is Google Play store. But iOS blocks all the third-party app stores and it allows only the official that is the Apple App Store. In case if you really want to use other app stores, then your phone should be jailbroken.